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I & G Tool Company, Inc. operates equipment selected specifically for accurate, high quality tool repair and fabrication. Our plant floor plan is designed to expedite job-oriented operations. The equipment is maintained to the highest degree and operators receive continual training – all part of meeting our continuous improvement and quality goals.


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I & G Tool Company, Inc. is a modern, highly qualified company that designs, manufactures and repairs special and standard tools. We are capable of short and long run production as well. Our goal is to produce quality products at a competitive price. To achieve this goal, our skilled office personnel and experienced machinist are committed to:

+ Continually improve all our operations and services.
+ Work directly and interact closely with our customers.
+ Continuously train our employees to enhance current
+ capabilities and attain new skills.
+ Maintain and improve our ISO 9001:2000 Quality System.

Michigan International Tooling Alliance

MITA is an alliance that consists of 17 Michigan manufacturing companies that have been awarded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, “Tool & Die Recovery Zone”. MITA consists of tool & die shops, mold makers, grinders, fixture & gage shops, special tool makers, fourth to fifth axis machining shops, plastic injection, & stamping shops.

A Key strength of MITA is its innovative diverse members working together to serve various industrial markets and providing a more complete one stop solutions for our customers.


I & G Tool Company, Inc. focuses on building better relationships with our customers, by listening to their needs, providing them with superior customer service and the highest quality products. Our employees and customers all benefit from this approach.


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