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I & G Tool Company, Inc. Quality Policy Statement
I & G Tool Company, Inc. focuses on building better relationships with our customers, by listening to their needs, providing them with superior customer service and the highest quality products. Our employees and customers all benefit from this approach.

The purpose of our Quality System is to guide our people through the process of:

+ Delivering a quality product;
+ at a competitive price;
+ and delivered on time.

Associated with delivering the best Product and Price in the industry we strive to continually improve our Services and Products by monitoring key components of the processes.

Our employees are involved with determining the most effective process needed to
“Do it right the first time”, and are accountable for their performance.

It is the responsibility of each employee to fulfill his or her respective roles in the Quality System as defined in I & G Tool’s Quality Management System.

Summary: I & G Tool Company, Inc. has a qualified and committed staff, who use a team approach to evaluate challenging projects. With over 20+ years of experience, the team can provide direct and efficient recommendations for the projects completion. Team members responsible for the specific project are authorized to amend any process as the job evolves, or re-evaluate to assess alternative methods. This can lead to lower costs and improved turn-around time.


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